Timothy J. Donahue
President and Chief Executive Officer

Gerard H. Gifford
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Daniel A. Abramowicz
Executive Vice President – Corporate Technology and Regulatory Affairs

Carlos Baila
Senior Vice President – Global Procurement

William T. Gallagher
Senior Vice President and General Counsel

Thomas A. Kelly
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

David A. Beaver
Vice President and Corporate Controller

Christopher A. Blaine
Vice President – Corporate Risk Management

Kevin C. Clothier
Vice President and Treasurer

Thomas T. Fischer
Vice President – Investor Relations and Corporate Affairs

Torsten J. Kreider
Vice President – Planning and Development

Joseph C. Pearce
Vice President – Corporate Tax

John Rost
Vice President – Global Sustainability and Regulatory Affairs

Adam J. Dickstein
Corporate Secretary, Assistant General Counsel and Vice President - Corporate Compliance

Christy L. Robeson
Assistant Corporate Controller

Michael J. Rowley
Assistant Corporate Secretary and Assistant General Counsel

Rosemary M. Haselroth
Assistant Corporate Secretary